Rugby Dog Grooming   

Home from Home Grooming Care for your Best Friend 

Grooming Services

Shampoo, Condition and Blow-dry

Your dog may may just need to freshen up.

Perhaps they had a particularly smelly walk, or its a special occasion so just need a pamper day! This could be the service for you.

Puppy Grooming (up to 6 months old)

To introduce your puppy to the grooming process it is a good idea to start early and come often for short sessions. This is necessary for high maintenance breeds such as poodles, bichons and other long/curly haired breeds.

A puppy groom consists of anything from just a brush and cuddle to get used to me and the salon environment, or a shampoo, condition and blow-dry / with a paw + face tidy. Nail trim and ear cleaning is included as with other grooming services.